Food Quality Inspector

Job Purpose:

Food Quality Inspector

Food Quality Inspector will control and ensures the quality and safety of food and meals.

Key Accountabilities:

Food Quality Inspector

  • Control the Food and Beverage in terms of wastage, pilferage, and efficiency.
  • Prepare variance analysis for food & beverage and communicate with relevant parties.
  • Responsible for preparing daily Food and Beverage Reports and distributing them to management.
  • Check and ensure that no material is issued out from the store without requisition or approval from the respective department head.
  • Calculate figures for food inventories, orders, and costs. Maintain clear and organized records to ensure all reports and invoices are filed and stored properly.
  • Conduct inventory audits to determine inventory levels and needs. Complete requisition forms for inventory and supplies.
  • Adhere to food safety and handling policies and procedures across all food-related areas.
  • In conjunction with the Provision Master, provides analysis of F&B stores consumption to handle the ordering of Food and beverages as exactly as possible.
  • Prepare variance analysis for food & beverage and communicate / discuss with ‎relevant parties.
  • Conduct spot checks to ensure that the goods received are as per specifications and ‎the deliveries of goods by suppliers are consistent with the receiving schedule and ‎the storerooms are not overstocked.
  • Perform inventory audits, make sure that food is not being wasted,d and have enough products to meet the needs of menus.
  • Coordinate Food Safety, Quality,y, and Regulatory Management Systems. Plan, coordinate, and direct all quality, sanitation, regulatory, and food safety programs within the establishment to insure compliance with company, governmental and customer requirements and expectations
  • Understand the size portion and quality of food ingredients to be used
  • Understand storage requirements
  • Understand preparation and cooking requirements
Food Quality Inspector
Qualifications & Experience:
  • Education

– Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management or at least 5 years in a busy F& B industry

  • Experience

– Requires a minimum of 5 to 100 years of related experience.

  • Languages

– Excellent command of English (writing and speech).

About the Application Process, If you meet the criteria and you are enthusiastic about the role, we would welcome your application. To complete the application you would need the following document(s):

1. Resume/CV
2. CV

Archeology specialist


Support the development and implementation of the Archaeological research and surveying plans and budget in coordination with the direct supervisor
Develop and manage archaeological field investigation including identification, evaluation, recovery, protection, and documentation of archaeological artefacts, features, and deposits
Provide technical guidance on the testing

برنامج دورة الخدمات الفندقية

مسؤول مبيعات
الوصف الوظيفي :

برنامج دورة الخدمات الفندقية

– أعلنت جمعية ماجد للتنمية المجتمعية، بالتعاون مع الهيئة العامة للأوقاف عن بدء التسجيل في برنامج دورة الخدمات الفندقية، لمختلف المؤهلات والتخصصات (رجال / نساء)، وذلك وفقاً للتفاصيل التالية:




مزايا البرنامج:

– البرنامج مجاني بالكامل.
– شهادات تدريب معتمدة.
– تدريب في قطاع الفنادق واللغة إنجليزية.




شروط التقديم:

1- أن يكون المتقدم أو المتقدمة سعودي الجنسية.
2- التفرغ التام (ألا يكون  رأس العمل أو طالب).
3- لغة إنجليزية متوسطة.
4- من سكان محافظة جدة.
5- العمر ما بين 18 إلى 35 سنة.
6- توفر المواصلات.
7- قبول العمل في الخدمات الفندقية.




طريقة التقديم:

– التقديم متاح الآن عبر الرابط التالي:






Travel Manager

مسؤول مبيعات
Job Description :

Travel Manager

– The Travel Manager is responsible for managing corporate travel and Executive Travel. This position works closely with his/her business partners across the organization to develop collaborative approaches to meet department purchasing, contracting, and risk mitigation objectives. He/she supports Sourcing’s overall procurement strategies and objectives by working with key suppliers to negotiate preferred pricing and contract terms. He/she will drive cross-collaborative process improvements and assist with other initiatives as needed to support the purchasing of Travel and Event Services.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities :

Travel Manager

– Report directly to the Procurement Director.
– Deliver end-to-end, fully strategic procurement in sourcing the best and most suitable suppliers.
– Establish relationships with the hotel’s chains and formulate strong partnerships.
– Develop a prospect list or lead list of new hotels in various areas and with various categories.
– Review corporate deals rates and general terms.

– Work closely with the Planning Manager Dubai to ensure all documentation is aligned with HQ. Fusion and CMS

– Build reports to improve visibility on cost savings and spend analysis within Fusion.
– Work with and manage internal stakeholders and ensure they are compliant with the Travel Policy
– Effectively manage the travel team and ensure monthly closing, invoicing, and supplier relationships.

– Implement more agile processes within your area to improve efficiency, streamline our operations and reduce administrative efforts to accommodate the ever-changing environment within the company.

– Build strong relationships with key Travel Management companies and work on improving overall services.

– Improve compliance with internal customers and work closely with key stakeholders to strengthen relationships and achieve a collaborative outcome.

Travel Manager

Requirements :

– Minimum experience of 5 years in Travel,
– Capable of negotiating with senior-level stakeholders and suppliers.
– Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills.
– Enjoys working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
– Strong Business Analytical and Planning skills
– Outstanding customer service/people and communication skills
– Strong organizational and time management skills

– Unfortunately, due to the high number of responses we receive we are unable to provide feedback to all applicants. If you have not been contacted within 5-7 days, please assume that at this stage your application has been unsuccessful.


موظف حجوزات واستقبال

سكرتير طبي

نحن نبحث عن موظف حجوزات واستقبال فندق جيد الإعداد وودي ليكون مسؤولاً عن الترحيب بالضيوف وإدارة الحجوزات عبر الإنترنت والهاتف والتحقق من طرق الدفع الخاصة بالضيوف أثناء تسجيل الوصول. يجب أن يكون لديك تصرف لطيف ومهني مع الضيوف وموظفي الفندق الآخرين.

لتكون ناجحًا كموظف حجوزات واستقبال بالفندق، يجب عليك تزويد الضيوف بمعلومات عامة حول الفندق والمنطقة المحيطة، والبقاء على اطلاع دائم على مناطق الجذب التي قد تهم الضيوف.


تسجيل دخول وخروج الضيوف.
استقبال وإدارة الحجوزات عبر الإنترنت والهاتف.
التحقق من طرق الدفع الخاصة بالضيوف أثناء تسجيل الوصول.
تخصيص غرف للضيوف وإبلاغهم بأي عروض خاصة يقدمها الفندق.
تنظيم خدمات النقل للضيوف بناء على طلبهم.
تزويد الضيوف بمعلومات عن الفندق.
مواكبة المعالم السياحية التي قد تهم الضيوف.


شهادة الثانوية العامة أو ما يعادلها.
الخبرة السابقة في مجال الضيافة ستكون مفيدة.
مهارات اتصال قوية الكتابية والشفوية.
حسن المظهر والمهنية.
الكفاءة مع مايكروسوفت أوفيس.
القدرة على التعلم أثناء العمل.
مهارات خدمة العملاء الممتازة.
يجب أن يكون لديك ساعات مرنة.

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مسؤول مبيعات
Job Description :


– professional who makes and serves beverages such as coffee, tea, and specialty beverages. They are responsible for taking customer orders and payments. They also clean and sanitize their work areas, seating areas, and equipment/tools.

Skills :


– Customer service. Having excellent customer service skills is one of the most important parts of being a barista. …

– Coffee knowledge.
– Attention to detail.
– Teamwork. …
– Multitasking. …
– Cash management. …
– Educate yourself on coffee drinks. …
– Take a customer service class.


Reservation Agent

مسؤول مبيعات
Job Description :
Role Purpose :

Reservation Agent

– Operate the restaurant booking system while providing a seamless experience to guests via verbal, virtual, and digital interactions, maximizing covers by delivering excellent and efficient customer service, ensuring that every detail of a customer’s reservation has been accurately recorded following the established Company policy.

Accountabilities :

Reservation Agent

– Answer and respond to reservation inquiries in a timely manner via different source channels.
– Ensure a satisfactory guest experience prior to guest arrival and post departure.
– Maintain relationships with the restaurants’ guests to ensure their satisfaction and retention.

– Execute smooth running of the booking system for the guests and ensure optimization in seating allocations.

– Maximize revenue by converting inquiries, recognizing business prospects, and taking every opportunity to upsell, without compromising the operations.

– Have a full grasp and complete fluency in each venue’s facts and offerings to anticipate and properly communicate such knowledge to guests.

– Support Guest Relations Supervisors/Managers to ensure seamless interactions internally and externally.
– Be clear, accurate, and concise when communicating with both internal and external relevant parties.
– Receive and process guest payments to secure bookings and perform related refunds when necessary.

– Submit booking reports and analysis reflecting historical data as well as future forecasts to assist the team in strategic planning.

– Receive guest complaints and direct them internally to the concerned departments while ensuring a proper closure is delivered to the guest.

– Ensure the work area is always kept clean and tidy.

– Observe the Company’s rules and procedures and carry out any additional duties requested by management that may happen from time to time.

Reservation Agent


– Send the bookings to report each morning for the day to the managers and chefs outlining the VIPs, set menus, or any other important information required.

– Complete the daily reports and fill in the information in the logbook.

Guest Experience

– Have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business operation and all brands including all food and drink menus to ensure that you can respond to customer inquiries.


– To ensure a thorough and proper handover between the Reservations Staff according to the shift pattern
Timely and effective communication of all complaints or comments to the Manager or Senior on duty

– To be proactive in ensuring that the information given to customers is accurate and appropriate about the restaurant.

– Stimulate change, challenge assumptions and ways of working to move the business forward.
– Develop a positive and direct relationship with all colleagues and be always a team player.

– Foster a culture of flexibility by responding quickly and positively to changing requirements whether within the department or outside to meet business demands and guest service needs.

Skills :
Education :

– A university degree is beneficial but not delimited.


– At least 1 year of operation in a similar position
– Customer service, guest experience
– High-end restaurant groups
– Seven Rooms booking system.