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looking for an experienced Operations Supervisor

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We are looking for an experienced Operations Supervisor to join our team in Jeddah.

Roles and Responsibility:
– Oversee efficiency of operational processes.
– Participate in strategic planning and goal-setting for various business functions.
– Analyze business requirements and customer needs
– Research methods to improve operations and reduce costs
– Monitor and report on department performance
– Supervise and train employees
– Provide administrative support (e.g. updating inventory)
– Ensure compliance with company policies and regulation

Requirements and Qualifications:
– 8 Years experiences as an Operations Supervisor or similar role
– Hands-on experience implementing operational processes
– Excellent project management skills
– Knowledge of operational principles and policies
– Organizational skills and attention to detail
– Team leadership
– A degree in operations management or business administration.

If interested please share your resume at:

Careers56  Twitter

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